Law of Attraction, You Won’t Believe What $7 Will Buy

     Mike Griffin

Law of Attraction Myths

Much like the diet and exercise industry, the Law of Attraction market has had its hucksters and charlatans. Many people unfortunately will listen and follow these claims and as a result, they find themselves wondering why they are not manifesting the things that they want.

To really be able to get past this, there are some myths that have to be exposed. I will share a few of the more popular ones:

Law of Attraction is not a real "Law"

The Law of Attraction has never been proven to be a natural law like Newton’s Law of Gravity. This does not mean it does not hold merit. We all know that what goes around comes around, but you can’t prove that by scientific means. If you aren’t convinced, then pick up a textbook that is used at an accredited university and try to find the Law of Attraction. Still, there are many things that aren’t in textbooks. You will find that college professors are somewhat limited in their thinking.

Newton’s Laws can be demonstrated by anyone – drop an object and its acceleration will be exactly as the Law predicts. This does work every time – that’s why it’s a Law. The "Law of Attraction" doesn’t work that way. Having a positive – can do attitude, being confident, believing in yourself and your success is an advantage, having positive thoughts is not the do all and end all. Positive thoughts merely magnetize you into doing and being your best. They also attract others who have a similar makeup allowing you to leverage each others talents. The law of attraction also attracts things that you need in remarkable ways that cannot be understood with a surface analysis.


The Law while stating the nature of end and sense of fulfillment refers to abundance. The theory explains the overwhelming feeling of happiness. Yet, the Law is unable to explain the disparities and inequalities in socioeconomic societies. Moreover, the Law aims at abundance, taking into account, there is enough for all and one only has to find his share of prosperity. The theory wants us to believe in a truth which hardly exists.

Quantum Physics

The Law of Attraction states that thoughts are like atoms and carry energy fields. This is not a proven fact in science. Therefore, the reference to quantum physics is unproven. Additionally, many of the ideas put forth attach a magical, mystical explanation which many consider a form of "pseudoscience" which is not scientific truth but is proven by practice. So make of the Law what you will but do try it. The proof is in using it.

The law of attraction can work in your life if you let it. Check out the Law of Attraction and learn more, or just visit