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The Importance Of Mobile Web Sites For Local Businesses

By Michael Griffin Web capable cell phones have taken over the market place and because they can access the web it becomes a necessity for business to have mobile ready websites. A mobile ready website can recognize the type device connecting and change the information they supply to it based on what is connecting. Perhaps […]

Marketing, Online Techniques For Recession Proof Business

By Michael Griffin Recession Proof Business, how is it possible? Adding an online presence will not in and of itself help your business. Many companies have invested thousands of dollars and have failed to see any return. Many business owners have seen the fall off in response from phone book and newspaper advertising but the […]

Internet Marketing For Small Business

http://www.squidoo.com/louisville-marketing Get your website placed high in Google and other search engines. If done correctly this is the most cost effective advertising that exists.

Find Jobs Online, How To Locate Your Next Great Job

Chances are if you own a computer your next job will be located using the internet. Many web sites exits to serve as portals for job search. You may be familiar with sites like Monster.com, Indeed.com, jobsearch.com, and snagajob.com. These sites provide a great service and can help you find some great opportunities.

3 Job Search Tips That Increase Your Success

Try to narrow down your local job search with Google. Use a Google search with your city and job type to begin to hone in. One of the troubles with this approach is getting both old and new results. For free videos that explain an alternate approach visit our home page at: http://www.BlueprintForYourFuture.com Image by […]