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The Law of Attraction: Breaking the Negative Cycle

The Law of Attraction: Breaking the Negative Cycle Every day, we are overwhelmed with constant negative phrases in our thinking such as I can’t move ahead, I couldn’t be on time, I didn’t win, I don’t have enough money, etc. Sound familiar? Is mind set a representation of your current circumstances? If yes, then as […]

Wallace D Wattles, A Certain Way

By Michael Griffin Throughout time, the rich and the poor have lived side by side. There have been many reasons placed before us as to why this disparity existed. With ever passing generation, there are movements to equalize the socioeconomic gaps that define our society. During the early 1900s, Wallace D. Wattles published a book, […]

The Law of Attraction: 6 Steps to Wealth

The law of attraction says that thoughts are things, that thoughts become things.  What do you think? The Law of Attraction describes the stream of energy between every individual and the universe. Constructive ideas and attitudes draw positive power from the universe, while detrimental beliefs vibrate to attract unfavorable results. The Law of Attraction is […]

What to consider when you buy solar panels.

Buy Solar Panels http://makewindmillblog.com/articles/what-to-consider-when-you-buy-solar-panels/ There are many factors to consider when you buy solar panels. Learn what they are and be informed when you buy.

Home Based Business Opportunity Idea

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